This is a true story involving our Personal Lines Broker, Saija Paakki, CAIB.

“I had an experience with a client of mine where, unfortunately, someone had broken into her home. Obviously, when she reported the claim to me she was very upset. I followed up with her a couple of days later to ensure that all was proceeding well with her claim. She explained that she had been contacted by the adjuster who was going to send her the paperwork so she could identify all that was stolen. She said she would get back to me if she needed any assistance. I received a call from her a few weeks later. She said that she just couldn’t get the paperwork completed as the theft upset her so much. She went on to explain that some of the stolen items were gifts from her late husband, and they couldn’t be replaced.

When she came into the office, I could see how emotional she was. The thieves had gone through her personal belongings, and she said that she felt violated and hadn’t slept well since the incident.

I helped her complete the paperwork, which consisted of a long list of sentimental items, some of which she didn’t know the value. She kept saying, “Just forget it and leave it out because I don’t know.” Well, thanks to a little help from eBay, I was able to find all of the items. We looked through the pictures and figured out the prices. She had tears in her eyes and gave me a big hug when she left and said that I’d gone beyond the call of duty. I really don’t think I did. I was just happy to help.

Sometimes, we may not realize how emotional a claim situation can be. But it’s situations like this that remind me how valuable a little extra help can be to our clients, and just as important, fulfilling it can be.

People call and share their stories with us every day, whether it’s about a death in the family, a sick dog, a graduation, and wedding…the list goes on. That’s how personal this job can be. People let us into their lives, and we always do our best to be there when our clients need us most.”

Saija Paakki, CAIB

Personal Account Manager