The more things you own – home, cottage, pool, cars, boats – the more exposure you may have to claims against you for bodily injury to others. Personal Umbrella Liability provides added liability coverage above the limits of your home and auto policies to protect your assets from potentially high court awards. With Personal Umbrella Liability, scenarios like these are easier to manage:

  • A guest arriving for dinner at your house slips and falls on your icy steps resulting in a severe head injury.
  • A guest of your child swimming in your pool dives into the shallow end and suffers permanent paralysis.
  • You may be found liable through the court for the cost of the long term care and emotional trauma which may exceed the limit of personal liability insurance on your homeowner policy.

It may sound unlikely; however life is unpredictable and unexpected things can happen. Personal Umbrella Liability covers you and your family for bodily injury to others in over and above the liability limits of your home and auto policies from an unexpected occurrence anywhere in the world.