How To Properly Insure Your Travel Trailer

May 5, 2021

Can’t wait to hook up that new travel trailer and hit the open road? Hold on there, intrepid explorer – you need to make sure that both you and your towable home on wheels are protected. Whether you own a non-motorized caravan, tent trailer, fifth wheel, or truck camper, it’s important to have the right coverage.

Although you can insure a travel trailer under an automobile policy, a much better option is a travel trailer policy. A travel trailer policy will provide replacement cost coverage for up to 15 years. On newer models, coverage for guaranteed replacement cost (GRC) is available. GRC means that regardless of the amount of coverage on your policy, you will receive a brand new trailer of similar make and model.

What Kind of Coverage Do I Need for My Travel Trailer?

There are several coverage options available to travel trailer owners that will depend on your travel lifestyle, types of trips, length of trips, and other factors.

The good news is, Dawson & Keenan insurance brokers have relationships with several top-rated insurers who offer a slate of excellent coverage options to properly insure your travel trailer. Once we understand your needs and budget, we’ll find you the perfect fit.

What Does the Policy Cover?

A travel trailer policy offers the broadest coverage available, including damage caused by bears.

Additionally, a travel trailer policy will cover:

  • Your trailer’s contents
  • Additional living expenses if your trailer is unusable as a result of an insured peril
  • Emergency roadside assistance expenses
  • Debris removal, and
  • Fire department charges.
  • Coverage is also available for exterior attachments such as a deck, patio, awnings, and porches that do not attach to the trailer when in transit. Let your broker know if this coverage is required.

Your car insurance will automatically extend liability coverage to your vacation trailer while in tow. Your home policy — if it’s with the same insurer — will extend your personal liability when parked. It’s also possible to buy a travel trailer policy that includes liability coverage when parked.

Expert Tip: Some insurers will not cover a trailer that is parked at the same location for more than 90 days. Placing your coverage with the right insurer based on your coverage requirements is important. Let your broker know if this is the case.

The brokers at Dawson & Keenan have plenty of experience delivering peace of mind to travel trailer enthusiasts. We’ll do the legwork to find the coverage that meets your needs and budget, and help you get on the road, worry-free. Contact us today.

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