Insurance Tips Before Travelling

November 22, 2021

The world is beginning to open up and you’re probably getting excited to use your suitcases again! Planning a trip is so exciting, but don’t forget some simple housekeeping before heading out. If you plan on leaving your home for an extended period of time, we’ve got some helpful insurance tips to ensure your home and vehicle are protected.

Tips To Consider Before Travelling

Have someone check in on your home

Person pulling mail out of a front door mailbox

Make sure you have a reliable person checking in on your home, collecting your mail, and checking that nothing looks out of place. This person should pop in daily and walk through the entire house during their visit. They should look for plumbing or mechanical issues like water leaking or the temperature being too cold.

We advise our clients to turn down their heat and turn off their water before leaving. Your hot water tank may have a “vacation mode” that you can switch to so the water stays warm enough without freezing. If your pipes freeze, you will risk a pipe bursting.

Pro Tip: If you’re away 4 consecutive days during the regular heating season, you need to have someone check your home daily OR you need to drain your pipes and turn off your water OR you need to ensure that your plumbing and heating system is connected to a monitored alarm station providing 24-hour service. Ultimately, it’s good practice to have someone visit your home and note the date and time of their walk-through.

Make your home look like it’s still lived in

Person shoveling snow on a driveway.

Have someone pick up your packages (this helps minimize theft) and shovel the driveway and any walkways. Motion sensor lights and indoor lights on a timer are also helpful.

Keep your home safe and secure

Home surveillance camera

Install an alarm system. An alarm system will add an extra layer of security while you’re away. If you already have an alarm system, call the company to advise them how long you’ll be away so that they know to send help if there is any unusual activity at your home.

Consider installing cameras around your home. Cameras can be attached to an alarm system and will record any activity around your home — and they’re great for porch pirates.

Pro Tip: Test cameras, alarms, and motion sensor lights before leaving for your vacation.

Schedule routine maintenance prior to leaving

Repairman working on a furnace

Have your furnace and hot water tank checked before departing. Also, consider having your fireplace cleaned, as critters can build homes in there or leave behind debris.

Want to rent a car during your trip?

Car rental kiosks in an airport

If you will be renting a car during your trip, contact us first. We can help you avoid the daily insurance fees that rental car companies charge and we can provide you with overall insurance coverage.

By following the insurance tips listed above, you’ll be safeguarding your home against possible water damage or other disasters that could cost you thousands of dollars. Having great insurance coverage will ease your mind and allow you to really enjoy your trip!

Our insurance agents can help you find the best coverage to suit your needs, connect with us today.

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